Survey and Mapping

Celestial Geoconsultants Ltd

Celestial Geoconsultants limited has not only secured survey & mapping experts, state of the art equipment and machinery but also cutting edge technology that sets us above the rest in survey and mapping services. We have invested heavily on cutting-edge technology to ensure data collected on the field is of high quality, is analyzed properly and appropriately to derive meaningful insights and information generated is disseminated in real-time to

Survey and Mapping

Land Survey

Celestial Geoconsultants limited has employed registered, experienced and recognized land surveyors who are capable to undertake projects of large magnitude and complexity.

Engineering Survey

Our engineering surveyors ensure construction works are stake-out and built in the correct location and as per structural design

Hydro-Geological Survey

It's very important to conduct a Hydro-Geological Survey before borehole drilling commences. Celestial Geoconsultants limited use geophysical methods i.e. resistivity method, vertical electrical sounding(VES) and horizontal electrical profiling(HEP) to ascertain suitable sites for exploration of significant quantities of groundwater.

Geodetic Control Surveys

Concerned with measurement of a very large area of the earth that must take into account the earth's curvature. Since they take into account the actual curvature of theearth, these surveys can be very accurate. Initial setup involves establishment of precise geodetic control networks ranging in size from site specific local systems to national geodetic control networks Our traverse and triangulation networks are tentatively maintained with automa

Topographical Surveys

Gathering data on elevation, shape and terrain of a piece of land require qualified expertise of professionals who offer planning and design support for a proposed development project. Utilizing the latest surveying technologies, Celestial Geoconsultants limited surveyors produce accurate, consistently reliable topographic maps, saving you hassle, time and money during the construction process.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental audit and environmental impact assessment allows for the consideration, analysis and interpretation of factors influencing ecosystems, resources and the quality of life. Environmental audit brings together land use planning, water management, biodiversity conservation, and the future sustainability of industries. We at Celestial Geoconsultants limited are well capable of offering quality assessment services to meet our clients’ need

Physical and environmental Planning

Urban and Regional Planning is an essential requirement by the law for any developing town or urban center. Celestial Geoconsultants limited offers planning services for the preparation of physical development plans.

Precise Positioning Services

Celestial Geoconsultants limited has dominated GPS provision services nationally and regionally. With state of the art technology, we offer an unlimited 24hour Real-Time radio-navigation systems anywhere in the world with precision and accuracy.

Geographic Information Systems

Celestial Geoconsultants limited provide customized, accurate and reliable information in form of maps and non-graphic information to support decision making and problem solving.This is achieved through use of advanced modern GIS software packages, database systems and Information Technology to capture, analyze, manipulate, display and distribute geographical, environmental and socio-economic data and/or information. We offer business enterprise