We are a forward looking company focused on providing advanced, cost effective, reliable and timely solutions in survey, mapping, physical planning, information technology and financial matters

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Who we are

Celestial Geoconsultants Limited (CG), was duly registered under the COMPANIES ACT CAP 486 Laws of Kenya in 2018 as a Private Limited Company after signing an absorption agreement with Jsoft SolutionsKE in 2017. We are a forward looking company focused on providing advanced, cost effective and reliable solutions in survey, mapping, physical planning, environmental impact assessment, information technology and financial matters

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services Overview

Surveying is the science of measuring position of points using conventional survey tools and methods where the surveyor must physically occupy the place to be observed. Remote Sensing is carrying out survey measurements without physical access to the place being observed (using satellite systems). A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a powerful tool designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, process, manage, and present all types of geographical data.

At Celestial, we employ a mix of surveying, remote sensing and GIS to collect spatial data, store the data and retrieve for analysis, generate information and disseminate insights generated for decision making and problem solving. We step in further with evidences that support decision making process around finances.


Our Culture

At the heart of our service provision is the warm embrace to our clients and recognition of commitments made by our staff to advance service delivery and realize tangible impact in the industry.


We value our clients and always strive to build a long lasting working-relationship by offering quality services and real-time technical support through our online and offline customer care platforms.


We take great pride in our robust and professional staff, equipped with top-class expertise and cutting-edge technology continuously providing quality and reliable services in a cost effective and timely manner.


We uphold integrity, honesty, reliability, transparency, accountability and hard-work in all our dealings with clients, contractors and staff.

Statement of Capability

We are a well-established, managed and organized company capable of mobilizing the right people,skills and technologies to help our clients improve their performance and service delivery. What sets us apart is our well-seasoned staff, performance based processes, integrated solution teams, client relationship management, strategic mix of technology and business and stunning clientele positive reputation.


We provide advanced, reliable and affordable services in a cost effective and timely manner


We respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients with assurance of complete customer satisfaction


We create and cultivate long-term relationships with clients and maintain a positive vibe with our staff

Services and Products

Celestial Geoconsultants Limited does not only offer outside consultancy for special technical aspects of a project but also professional solutions, opinion and strategic approaches to survey, mapping, physical planning, digital information technology financial consulting.

Survey and Mapping

We have invested heavily on cutting-edge technology to ensure data collected on the field is of high quality, is analyzed properly and appropriately to derive meaningful insights and information generated is disseminated in real-time to desired target users around the globe.

Information Technology

We are able to bring resources or fill skills gaps, get to market faster, and re-allocate resources on other high-priority tasks by developing custom systems suitable and effective to your unique demands, test and/or maintain one or more components of your computer programs and embedded software system.

Financial Arrangements

We offer personalized professional financial advice on matters of taxes, investments, insurance decisions, business planning & strategies, risk management system, investment banking, consulting for government tendering processes, business process consulting and financial feasibility.

Working with Us

Have a fair shake to work with our team of mission-driven, highly talented and committed surveyors, cartographers, physical planners, environmentalists, GIS analysts, data scientists, product developer teams, back-end engineers and the system infrastructure designers.

Career Opportunities

The Process

Celestial Geoconsultants Limited is an equal opportunity employer giving all qualified candidates equal benefits to join and work closely with our professional teams to deliver services, implement new features, maintain existing products and provide hands on support to our clients.

Join a Cohort


Request for consideration by way of expressing your interests in an application addressed to careers@celestial.co.ke. This is a regular activity that is open all the time. Cohorts are formed after every six months, twice a year - every January and July.

Take a Challenge


Qualified applicants are invited for a technical cross-examination exercise to gauge their proficiency and allow us to understand what projects would be a great fit for them to spark their growth. Auspicious candidates are absorbed into teams for training.

People and Culture


An informal face to face session to give us an opportunity to get to know you better and know how we could help you achieve your goals while you are with us. We are committed to creating a dynamic and collaborative environment that supports and rewards creativity and innovation.

We have no career openings at the moment!

Our Clients

We are trusted by top-notch industry players. Make us your business partner today!

Physical Address

Pursuant to Covid-19 protocols put in place by Ministry of Health and Celestial Task Force, all our premises are under RESTRICTED ACCESS to all guests. We advise our guests and clients to use provided media for communication and consultations. Alternatively, write to covid-19-task-force@celestial.co.ke CC contact@celestial.co.ke requesting to gain physical access into our offices.

Meru HQ Office

Tranquilla Business Center, Unit 6R
Kirukuri Street
Meru, Kenya

Nairobi Office

BlueSky Complex, Wing M
Ronald Ngala Street
Nairobi, Kenya